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Giving Back to the Wild


The significant number one factor of the Follow The Pod tour is the directly profit contribution towards Orca conservation projects through equipment and field study requirements. Opening up an amazing exchange for scientists , investors and the general public to share in the understanding of the Oceans. Investors are invited to join right in with the field research with some of the leading Cetacean Experts of the world. 

This work helps the Orcas as well as delivers new content for renewal of the immersive experience..  USING TECHNOLOGY NOT CAPTIVITY TO CONSERVE THE OCEANS

How we help?

Proceeds of the programs of Follow the Pod go directly to Cetacean Masters around the world working on unique ways to learn more about the wild. The monies generate help fund equipment and personnel to be a continual presence in the wild gathering information to share with our guests around the world. 




Decades of public display of marine animals has done a large amount of work on educating the public about the marine environment and the animals that live in it. 

Unfortunately the conservation benefits to the wild populations of cetaceans worldwide has not been felt as needed. With the Southern Resident Killer Whale population threatened for its survival, it is time that we learn to educate the public in a different way to better directly help conservation efforts in the wild. 

Follow the Pod is excited to bring together cetacean masters around the world in producing a 42 min. lecture film immersive experience. Utilizing dome technology to journey from the stars to the bottom of the ocean through the eye of an orca. Live Cetacean Masters presenting along the film bringing real stories and experiences from the wild to the public. 


Profitable conservation means that the profits from edutainment go direct to help fund wild research projects. 

Ticket sales from the ORCA DOME SHOW go directly towards wild conservation projects by leading cetacean masters. 

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Follow the Pod Play Park

Download the latest design plans of the Follow the Pod Play Park pieces. 





Since their invention in the 1950’s, float tanks have been promoted for their sensory deprivation benefits. 

Creating a space of ‘nothingness’ to connect to a state of no distraction. Perfect for meditation and other psychological benefits. 

S.W.I.M. was inspired on the basis that dolphins have an amazing amount of meditative qualities about them. 

This same experiences was noted by Float Tanks Creator Dr. John Lilly. 

“During a session in an isolation tank, constructed over a pool where dolphins were swimming, I participated in a conversation between the dolphins. It drove me crazy, there was too much information, they communicated so fast. "Inventor Studied Dolphin Communications",Washington Post, October 4, 2001

S.W.I.M., Sensory Water Immersive Meditation, uses the benefits of the sensory components in float tanks to create a harmonious balance of the world of dolphins among nothingness. Utilizing wild dolphin imagery, the meditation is a journey from space to the depths of the ocean through the eyes of a dolphin. Using natural scene transitions to immerse from darkness to light from the shallows to the depths. An experience combining two sensory worlds. 

S.W.I.M. was inspired by Christopher Porter and Retha Zaffino of Follow the Pod. Featured in CNN’s Blackfish the Movie, Christopher had a change of heart and left the captive aquarium industry based on his experiences with Tilikum the Killer Whale. His work with Light and Sound facilitator,  Retha Zaffino, led him on a journey of healing. A background of large show productions inspired to create an individual immersive experience into the world of the dolphins for healing purposes. 

Proceeds from S.W.I.M. go towards direct wild research projects. 

Beyond personal healing, your experience directly affects the health and welfare of dolphins around the world. 



  Unique blend of multi-dimensional healing modalities , 



French Artist Jean Luc Bozolli



Our multi-City MerOrca Photo Opportunity for ORCA Awareness

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Network of wild conservation observers share their guests stories. 

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#FollowThePod Playparks

Connecting whale stories from the Follow the Pod play park from visitors.

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LET US Bring the Sea to You

Outreach Programs


School Assemblies

Bringing the ocean and its inhabitants to you through technology. Allowing gymnasiums to be transformed into Ocean Walls. Allowing students an eye to eye perspective with the wonders of the sea. 



Embracing Shared Experience

Dome technology has allowed us immersive entry into the heavens of the stars. Now updated cameras piloted by Cetacean Masters around the world allows us to create an engaging film experience. Networking through the many dome theaters around the world for a journey from the stars to the ocean depths through the eye of an orca.  Immersing the audience through nature with technology. 


Beach Rescue

Giving back to nature by doing more for the beaches than playing them. Rebuilding habitats for animals to make sure our beaches are for all of us to share. 


Creating engaging exhibits that edutain the general public originated from a Wild Vision of OceanWalls. With millions of engaged users and the Canadian Gold Award for Cause Related Marketing by the International Council of Shopping Centres, it proved the public will support technology not captivity of wild animals. OceanWalls Sea Ranger Kids program is Victoria's largest Kids Ocean Club.

Play FULL Conservation