Cetacean Masters

Pierre Latour

Pierre Latour USEA

Founding president Orques Sans Frontiers. 

He started spearfishing at the age of 8 and it is driven by the urge to catch his first fish that he discovered the underwater world. First practiced in hobby then in competition, this discipline enabled him to be captain of spearfishing French team for 3 years, European contest winner in 1997 and several time podium awarded.

Designer of the USEA network, he is defined as a marine mammals / human being interaction's explorer and has been regularly sought by media companies producing wildlife documentaries. 

Mark Malleson


One of Canada's leading whale experts. His vast amount of on-water experience has led him to develop a special awareness of the animals' movements. He has worked extensively with Government , NGO and Corporate entities to bring guests and scientists  closer to the wild  to learn more.

Brad Quenville


 Brad Quenville is a Vancouver-based director and writer specializing in documentary and factual programming in a TV career that started with the BBC in 1986. Brad created, wrote and directed The Dolphin Dealer, which launched CBC's premiere documentary series, Doc Zone. Brad has developed, written, story-edited, produced and directed award-winning series and documentaries for Knowledge Network, CBC Television, National Geographic and other National Studios. Brad was nominated for a Gemini for his work on season two of Ice Pilots NWT. In 2010/11 put his talents to work on Blood Dolphins for Animal Planet and Consumed for HGTV.  "Expedition Inc" a series which goes behind-the-scenes with the world's ardent explorers.  


Lisa Denning


Lisa Denning is a Marine Mammal Naturalist and US Coast Guard Licensed Captain. She's lived on the Big Island of Hawaii since 1999, where she works as a professional photographer, videographer, captain and dive leader. She also assists her good friend Joan Ocean with Joan's dolphin and whale seminars and the frequent life changing encounters they provide.


Marco Schulenburg


Wild Orca filmmaker that sails the Northern Sea following and learning more about the Killer Whales of the region. A true adventurer has him sailing through ice fjords and pods or orcas hunting through the shoals of herring. Using underwater cameras, diving apparatuses and drones to collect some never before seen Orca behavior. Used to share with the world the value of wild whales through education. 

Ken Balcomb


Ken obtained his Bachelor's degree in Zoology in 1963 from UC Davis and soon after was employed by the US government as Field Biologist GS5-7, first in Eastern Pacific large whale research and later in Central Pacific marine bird research. Ken is a pioneer in photo-identification of cetaceans and is the founder of Orca Survey (1976), a study of Pacific Northwest Southern Resident killer whales (orcas). He founded the non-profit Center for Whale Research in 1985 and is its volunteer Executive Director and NWFSC contract Principal Investigator of Orca Survey. Ken is a Charter Member of the Society for Marine Mammalogy.

Cetacean Masters section 2

Shari Macy


 First Nations Secwepemc documentary filmmaker, on-camera news reporter, underwater photographer / cinematographer Shari Macy joins the project.  Since 2010 she has been producing native news in the Pacific Northwest, where she calls home.  She says cultural significance and ancient matriarchal responsibility drives her to live what she refers to as “legacy days.” Doing something every day that will work towards leaving a positive legacy on earth.  Through touring with her award winning 2014 release, “Fragile Waters,” (directed by Orca Network in collaboration with Rick Wood) telling the story of the endangered Southern Resident Orca pods J, K and L, she touched the lives of thousands by public speaking engagements, television and radio about the plight of the orca, salmon and earth’s fragile watersheds.  Shari continues to devote her time to underwater images to show the world what lies beneath the waves to inspire the world's population to lead their own legacy days for our watersheds. 

Orca Rangers


The future of our Cetacean Masters. Learn more about this amazing program for your school.  



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