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Follow The Pod - Centennial Square

Located in front of Victoria's City Hall, this playground features 5 whale size replicas representing living and passed wild Killer Whales of British Columbia. Use your NFC enabled mobile device to learn more about the individuals by scanning the RFID Tag incorporated into their eye. 


Generate excitement

These whale size replicas are an incredible engagement tour for visitors. Many dream of seeing a whale without ever understanding the true size of them. These exact replicas produce an engaging way to learn about the whales through play.  

Meet the Creators

Conversations Thru The Eye of An Orca

From the RFID tags incorporated into the replica eyes to the story behind the upcoming ORCA Dome Show,  the mission of Follow the Pod is to give you the perspective from the eye of the Orca. To spend a bit of time in their world to see how better we can help.

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We love our wild whales, so feel free to invite us to your place of business or school or public event to have one of our experts bring an amazing  edutainment experience for your audience. 

Follow the Pod

1 Centennial Sq, Victoria, British Columbia V8W 2Z6, Canada